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Standard truck scale(Inland)

Standard truck scale

With main beams of U-shape-section and enclosed- construction by could-bending and assemble-welding, the whole rigidity, anti-erosion and the part anti-press stiffness of its platform plate are strengthened. The staff is simple and fast.

The spot of mounting load cell and multi-platform scale body jointing is designed properly, Maitaince and mounting is extremely conveniently.

Model & parameter
Width series: 3m, 3.2m, 3.4m
Length series: 6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,12m,14m,16m,18m,20m,21m,24m
Accuracy grade: III class
Max. Cap.: 10t~150t

Appliance range
various camions’s weighing and measurement, accurate and quick in weighing, convenient in operation, simple in maintenance.


1. Printer, scoreboard etc. is selectable.
2. Pit & pitiless foundation mounting method, Pit less foundation is highly recommended.

Standard configuration and parts for truck scale:

1. Steel platform  

2. Weighing indicator  

3. Load Cell    

4. Junction Box 

5. Signal cable

The Company in accordance with customer needs with their professional knowledge to design the basic norms of the truck scale as follows for your reference.

 (Examples): 60T Truck Scale

 1) Capacity: 60T                                 2) Graduation: 20KG

 3) Accuracy: 1 / 3000                             4) Platform Size: 3 * 14M, or 3 * 16M

 5) Pit structures: pit (flat-)                         6) mechanical structure: U type steel

 7) Platform structure: Steel                        8) the number of sensors: 6~8

 9) The need to take the big screen                 10) whether or not access computers

11) The need to install software weighing            12) whether or not access the printer

13) Signal cable length? (Depending on the distance between weighing room and the platform)

14) It must be tested in the Bureau of Weights and Measures qualified?

To supervise the pit construction should pay attention to following points:

 ? should be in accordance with the original design specifications for construction drawings

 ? Pounds length of the pit should be part of the error +1 CM, diagonal error of +2 CM

 ? Sensors embedded parts to platform levels of error in the request should be within +0.5 CM

 ? embedded parts relative position of each size should be in error within +1 CM

 ? Pit part of the strength and reinforced concrete and should be in line with the national building code standards

 ? Truck scale can only be fitted least 10 days after completion of the pit construction, 21 days a health official use

Basic function of Indicator



High precision A/D conversion, readability is up to 1/30000;
Easy to transfer INS, instead of poise to observe a d analyze warp

Zero-tracing scope, zero (boot-strap/manual)scope and zero melody rate Can be set separately;
Quick fill-in type weighing list printing function set;
Save 255 vehicle number and corresponding tare, 100 goods No and 205 groups of weighing records;

Weighing record reserve power-off protection;
Can charge freely, with left electricity indicator and lack of power protection device
Deploy 12V/7AH storage battery to supply power

With communication port, baud rate and communication mode is selectable
With Big screen communication port, 20mA current loop and RS-232 connection mode;

Weigh Bridge truck scale foundation form
1、Bridge type foundation
1) Low cost;
2) Easy to install and easy to maintenance;
3) good ventilation conditions;
4) not easy to be in the water.
1) Large space occupation;
2) Trucks need climb; safety performance is slightly less than pit type.
2、Pit type foundation 


1. The scale body is installed in the same level with ground, trucks are easy to pass by;
2. Foundation length is same with the scale length, do not take place; 
3. The exterior looks neat and beautiful.
1. The foundation cost is high;
2. Heavy rains can cause poor drainage;
3. The environment of electrical parts is humidity, poor ventilation;
4. The scale body and an electric part are easy to be oxidized, shorten the service life of the equipment;
5. Because of the space limited, installation, repair, maintenance is not convenient


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